View Full Version : Specific data search, extraction and delivery tool

03 Aug 2006, 06:35 AM
If your business requires getting information or some specific data from the Web fast, without manual efforts and precisely what you wish, the best way is to use web spider software, customized for your needs. Web spider program lets automate web data search and collection process.

Web spider (also known as a web crawler) is a software agent that scans the Web in a methodical, automated manner and extracts from web pages, static or dynamic, the data you need, under specific parameters. These parameters are configurable and can be set for specific information or data search and extraction. The data collected then are delivered to database, in format needed.
Web spider can extract URLs, email addresses, web pages titles and meta data, images, music files, advertisements, press releases, articles, news, product catalogs, cultural, political, commercial content and much more web sites, search engines results listings and etc.
Here are more about web spider software (http://www.softomate.com/services/web_spider/web_spider_software.htm) and its customization possibilities.