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16 Aug 2006, 05:30 PM
Manual submissions on directories on pr1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.
The directories are 87% free not reciprocal.
And 13% reciprocal.

the prices are:

1000 manual submissions directories: $100 included in 5 days.
1500 manual submissions directories: $140 included in 7 days.
2000 manual submissions directories: $180 included in 10 days
2500 manual submissions directories: $220 included in 12 days
3000 manual submissions directorires: $260 included in 15 days

The inclusion is obtained in a period of 2 and 4 months.
Many of the directories in which would be included accept pages in English.
You will see any report of my work. I have two options.

payment is 50% before, you can pay me only by western union or money gram, in Peru doesn’t exist paypal.

Also I do web site promotion , I work how freelance.
from $100 month. A work of complete positioning, with inclusions in directories, monthly pursuit of positions, information, small modifications in the page Web if it was necessary, etc. In this case one does not work with webs in Flash, with Frames or that in their majority is made with Javascript. An own dominion is necessary and this service is only recommended for companies. The positioning campaigns even have a long duration, that can include/understand between the 4 months - 1 year, or more very competitive time for great webs or sectors. The average duration of a positioning campaign is of 6 months. Discounts of 10% for complete payments of 6 months in advance. The objective is to reach the first positions by the most excellent words of the sector of the Web for which it works.

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for questions, write a private message.