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22 Aug 2006, 01:17 PM
i found a "free smtp server" which claimed it allowed me to send emails from my pc easily. I need to hook up my phpbb forums and eventually my own scripts up to this program.

I set the program to my ip and port 25, and then set that same ip: port to the setting in phpbb, im kinda lost as how the smtp server works.

to be more thorugh heres the program:
i run apache/php/mysql/phpbb forums on my home pc, and ide like to get basic email working. if anyone can offer a suggestion or just straigt info on how an smtp server works that will all be a big help. im always willing to read up and learn.

also, maybe one of the other free programs is a better alternative? i havent tried them

EDIT: i tried the next option, PostSMTP i think, and everything works between phpbb and the program, but i dont get my email, it gives me a failed to find server (hotmail.com)

26 Aug 2006, 07:10 AM
I don't know about that particular smtp server but there are anumber of thigs to check...

make sure your firewall or virus checker isn't blocking access to the that port. Some virus checkers no have port blocking that monitors port 25.

Also your smtp server might need to be told about your DNS setup / gateway.

Typically I use the built in SMTP server that comes with IIS which is avaiable on all windows PC's these days all through it may not be enabled or installed by default. It's just one of the windows components.