View Full Version : Looking for web developer for partner in new company.

05 Sep 2006, 07:24 PM
I am looking for a web developer with experience in making professional web pages and graphic design.

The major components of the websites are as follows.

- search engine that users can type in their zip code and select a few inputs and the search brings up locations nearest to their house (or in a X mile radius) from a databases of different locations. Example of such would be like www.realtor.com

- Part of the website so that customers can sign up, pay, and insert/edit their data/account into the database.

- The rest is just pretty much basic web design.

For this project I am looking for a partner to share profits for a new company. Initial income is low (less then $1,000 a month per partner) but long term profits could be pretty large, possibly in the millions by year 3. Only looking for one partner that will handle the website while I handle the sales/management. Once website is big enough we would obviously hire more employees and development a management staff.

If you are at all interested please email me at jdivnich@divnichresearching.com and I will contact you with more details.
Any examples that you have done with similar characteristics that I am looking for would be great.

09 Oct 2006, 04:56 AM
try posting on getafreelancer.com or scriptlance.

to be honest i wouldn't partner someone, just pay them to make the site then you get all the future profits.