View Full Version : Review my site please

06 Sep 2006, 07:19 AM
I am raghu and I have created a site www.knowallthings.info please visit the site and give feedback on it. I want to check whether the chat i have installed works or not. please assist by by using the chat feature.

06 Sep 2006, 07:27 AM
First thing I notice is the intruding hit count image. It appears to be with Statcounter, which I am aware offers a hidden counter. Use that instead, or if you want to let visitors see your hits, put it somewhere else.

On this page (http://www.knowallthings.info/pages/news.php), use paragraph breaks rather than a normal break between each article.

I like how you hand coded your website, it proves to be better and cleaner code.

About your guide pages - just plain text is boring (I know I can't talk with some parts of my website (www.ecopetition.org), but i am working on it. Get some pictures :D

Good luck