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07 Sep 2006, 11:20 AM

Has anyone ever created an "opinion interexchange forum" in type of: http://www.download.com/Audio-Video/2001-2025_4-0.html?tag=dir
Can someone produce a review about this site (about download.com)?
Do you have to be an expert webdesigner to create one?

If you look at the landing page of any software product, you'll see five tabs:
Publisher's description/ Editor's review/ User reviews/ Submit your review/ Screenshots

Does anyone have a clue where to start from when creating a similar site?
What language does this site use? PHP, XML or just HTML with some Java applications?

I'd highly appreciate advices on how to create an "User reviews" sections.
Obviously I'd simplify the process of submitting a review but still I don't what to do first to kick-off...

Hope that anyone come up with brilliant review.


11 Sep 2006, 12:32 AM
i think if you research you'll find one for this ...