View Full Version : advice on site analysis

26 Sep 2006, 02:18 PM
Hi all, I am extremely new to the wed design/developmet world. I am trying to transfer between departments in my company, and my potential new boss has already asked me to present something to her - posted below:

Put together a process to monitor the quality of all Intranet/Internal web pages (350+ ) on a monthly basis. Quality encompasses low utilization, missing metadata, incorrect spelling, broken links, incorrect formatting, missing items, etc. Be prepared to discuss your process as well as how you went about putting the process together.

I feel a little overwhelmed because she expects this by thursday, and I am not even in the position yet. I'd really appreciate some ideas from all of you. Unfortunately, I have no idea what systems and reporting they have available. So say, I dont know if they have a link checker or validator that would automate that process.
Any thoughts and ideas you could give me would be great !