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28 Sep 2006, 08:21 AM

I'm new here :)
Actually I'm quite new to the whole web-design business. I have a fair amount of knowledge in HTML/PHP coding, and some in Flash.

However I had a customer recently who required that his site was in the first page of results by google (when searching on some keywords).
I read some books on seo and some online tutorials/hints and got a general idea on the subject. I managed to do some onpage optimization and I am currently working on the offpage optimization with links to my site etc.

What I wanted to ask is , that in some e-books I read , it pointed out to 2 applications that would help me in my quest for optimizing my customers site. The first one is GoodKeywords (http://www.goodkeywords.com/) which is a free program and I have already downloaded and used, and the second one is SEO Elite (http://goin.to/seoelite) which is not free and I would like to know if anyone has used it and if it is a good investment!

I mean you can obviously do all the things by yourself, but this SEO Elite (http://goin.to/seoelite) program seems to help a lot and could be a good investment for further sites requiring SEO.

What is your opinion?

28 Sep 2006, 10:41 AM
1. are you sure you don't own those applications and are trying to promote them? ;)

2. never mind, i'll give you the benefit of the doubt... anyway, i don't think you need such tools to get good results with google. just go for:
a. good content
b. make sure the site is search engine friendly (i.e. readable)
c. get many many many many many many good links from similar sites

then pray to God that you will get the top position - because that's going to be a very difficult target if your keywords are competitive... :D