View Full Version : I have one item I market and need the best way to set up security to collect payment

06 Oct 2006, 08:37 AM
I posted this in the ecommerce forum already but I don't know if it's the right place so I'm posting it here too.

On my website, I have one item I market either for free by download or for a fee by hard copy through the mail. Of course, most will choose free so collecting payment information is NOT a priority for me.

With that in mind, I'm looking for advice on two things.

(1) What's the recommended way for me to securely collect CC payment information for offline processing via a merchant terminal. I realize I need to set up SSL but only know how to do this via email which again, I realize is not secure.

(2) I know nothing about databases or how to do something like this so I will be looking to hire outside help for this.

Problem is here, I don't know what to call what I'm looking for or need.

I have a website hosted by an outside company (already asked them if they could do this but they say no) whereby if someone comes through and purchased product from me on their site, I get an email that that tells me their information, what they ordered, and then an encrypted (long) code that is the CC number. I have to then go to the website, enter my password and this encrypted code and up comes the CC number that was entered. This is something that would work for me but I don't know what it is, what to call it or what to ask for or even if it's more than I really need.

I do not want to use paypal as we have the ability to process CC's offline through our merchant and this will be something that is used by others as well as myself so it has to be something (a script or what ever) I can duplicate onto as many websites I might set up in the future.

Any ideas where I can start looking and what I should ask for?

I hope I've explained it well enough.

Thank you