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11 Oct 2006, 05:20 PM
As posted on WebForumz, but no replies

I run the website Http://devfile.com
as you can see when you load the page it comes up as:

i currently forward the url through a dynamic subdomain
which is Http://devfile.game-host.org
Ive tried forwarding it to Http://devfile.game-host.org/devfile/ yet it still shows up as http://devfile.com/devfile/index.php no matter how i do it.

How do i get it to cover the devfile folder, so:
in other words, why cant devfile.com=Http://devfile.game-host.org/devfile/ instead of Http://devfile.game-host.org. it doesnt seem to be able to.

more info:
i purchased the domain through 1and1.com and i run my own http server.

i apologise if this is answered often, i did a quick search and found nothing.

maybe someone knows here?

20 Oct 2006, 02:12 AM