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23 Oct 2006, 11:39 AM
(I submitted this message once but the website prompted me to login again. GRRRRR).

A bit of background info on myself:

I'm a college-student yet I have plenty of time on my hands to devote to my website project. I have a small but steady income to spend on webhosting charges (Up to 40 Per month, as per my budget). I have some friends who are very skilled at advanced programming languages, but they are busy most of the time. Though, I myself am a novice at advanced programming I learn very fast.

The website I'm planning to host would be a new TCG in the styles of the current popular trading card games (With some highly attractive features).

The website would contain a special interface for playing the game as well as a ladder ranking, the ability to buy virtual "packs" of cards through my shop using either real or virtual points you acquire through playing the game.

I already have most of the specifics worked out and if there is any way I could help y'all help me with more information I would be glad to do.

I'm running Mac OSX, on a PPC-G4 Alumbook laptop. And I have various programming development/Website tools (I think I even have dreamweaver). But I also have a Mac G5 and a PC if those are needed.

I also frequently consult law professionals about copyright law so I think I'm ok in regards to that area.

Here are my questions for you kind folks out there:

1.) Where should I begin with the programming stage? Should I do the tough stuff/nitty gritty myself or use a friend/ hire someone to do it for me.

2.) How large a hosting package should I get and should I buy the package from a major corporation like Geocities or a smaller independent one with cheaper fees, assuming almost all attributes and bonuses are equal).

3.) Is there anyone here who is interested in helping me?

4.) If I were to do this all myself, how taxing a job would it be? (meaning time/effort/background knowledge).

24 Oct 2006, 08:14 AM
Its a big undertaking, and unless you know the ins and outs of web programming you prolly should be outsourcing this. Geocities? lol... anyway my opinion is to start with a monthly hosting plan that has the ability to upgrade, the first few month you wont be getting that much traffic so why bother having a huge plan. site5 comes to mind as a place for you. if you were to do this yourself, including learning how to do it, it would be a full time job for a few months. im in college too and I find the time to do large websites, its just all about time management. Good luck