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27 Oct 2006, 12:18 AM
I'm using Firefox's web developer addon to play around with a page I'm developing. Initially, I had this file (print.html) just sitting on my desktop for easy access, as well as a directory called "images", to which I was linking images in my CSS and HTML. I since moved both the print.html file and the "images" directory to a sub-directory within my hard drive - both into the same subdirectory - but now the images just don't show up. When I hover over an image link and look at the status bar in my browser window, I see the path of the original location of these files (my desktop). But that's nowhere in the code - the link path is relative.

The image path in my HTML is like this:

<img src="images/print_c.jpg"

Am I missing something here? If both the HTML file and the images directory are within the same enclosing directory, shouldn't the path be relative like this?


27 Oct 2006, 01:27 AM
Links to an html file in the same folder (directory) can be simply inserted between the tags as filename.html .

If the file is in a different folder the code is more complicated. For every movement to a lower level add / before filename.html or folder name (but not when accessing a folder or filename in the same folder); for every movement up add ../

Consider the following folder arrangement:-

folder1 has another folder4 in it as well as folder2.

Assume your html file is in folder2.

If the target file is in folder3 - directly below folder2 - the link code has to go directly down so the link will be:-

<a href="folder3/filename.html">

If the target file is in folder1 - directly above folder2 - the link code has to go directly up so the link will be:-

<a href="../filename.html">

If the target file is in folder4 the route is up to folder1 then down to folder4; the link code will be:-

<a href="../folder4/filename.html">

Play around with the options until you get it right.