View Full Version : Please could you give me advice and rate my websites please.

28 Oct 2006, 07:12 PM

I have designed the following websites none of them except the thomas wolsey one are complete yet, so could you please rate them and make some suggestions for improvements please.

I have decent coding skills recently taught myself CSS and HTML (XHTML), and am learning Java Script and PHP. I think graphics design is my weakest point, though I do have a fully liscened version of Adobe Production Studio but am unable to use it due to my computer being 5 years old and can only support upto 256mb ram, and intel celeron 900mhz, however, I will be getting a laptop soon with atleast 1gb soon, so maybe THEN i can get stuck in to Photoshop and Illustrator! :)

Thomas Wolsey School Website
Last year I was given the role of updating and maintaining my schools website, the layout was made by someone else five years ago, but I have added many new features to it, including: a breadcrumb navigation system, php pages, more links, and improved css. Notice the design is done using table, with a little CSS. It is my plan to ether re-do the design using CSS or should I create a new design with CSS, let me know your ideas,please!


Leon's Creations Website (My Website)
As I do the schools website I am able to also host some things of my own on it, so I have made a small, but, growing website the hub for all my websites.

I have yet to come up with a logo or a design I like yet, maybe you could help? I need something that will attract users, I was thinking of maybe a Flash header, and maybe some custom drawn computer monitors as my logo with a slide show of al my web design through the monitor? I was also thinking of creating the entire website in flash but I am worried about if that will have an impact on accessibility?


Ipswich Town Football Club Winning Post Centre Website
This is a website I am doing for the Ipswich Town Community Trust run Winning Post Centre in Newmarket, I have designed the entire site using CSS.


Christain Youth Ministries (CYM) African Adventure
This is a website I am doing for Ipswich based CYM, for their African Village, another site made entirely in CSS.



Thanks for all your help!