View Full Version : navigation help wanted..

30 Oct 2006, 09:37 AM
Hi all,

Can you please take a look at http://www.flippers.be ?

General tips to make it look nicer are appreciated :-)

But what I'm really looking for is how I can improve the navigation to my site.

There are a lot of articles online, most under the link 'articles' but there are also seperate game reviews, newbie guides, and repair information.

The current layout grew out of my homepage that started 5 years ago, it only had about 15 pages online.. Then technical articles and visits to shows were added and so the site grew and grew..

When I look at the analytics I see the 'articles' and 'for sale' are the most popular links used by visitors. While the website started with the 'newbie pages' and there really is a lot of info there, but visitors now don't follow that link and just go to 'articles'.

I now plan to add about 15 extra pages with book reviews..
therefor I started to doubt on the layout of my site.

I could make a seperate link to 'book reviews' on the main page, like I have done for the game reviews. But I feel these are not different enough (and once these 15 pages are online they will not grow very fast) so they belong more under the articles.. but the game reviews could go under the articles as well instead of having their own link on the main index page..

And if I do, what do I do what that large articles page ? Keep links on it to all these seperate sections, or split it up in multiple pages ?

Any tips on how to organise my content is welcome.

I first thought of putting everything on the main page but that will make it too long.. and most 'index pages' with a lot of links only have the link itself, I really prefer to have at least one line of comment with it.

Second thought was to keep the index page but have less options,
only articles (what includes game reviews and newbie pages), for sale, about us, and pinball in Belgium.

Or maybe I could go the opposite way and make much more index pages..
split up the articles index and have that only link to other index pages for game reviews / technical info / book reviews / newbie pages / ...
but I fear that will split up the information too much and people will read even less articles on my site or have trouble finding them.

Examples of other websites that have a lot of index pages with on each links to about 10-20 articles are also welcome..