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05 Nov 2006, 05:07 AM
:wave: My dear friend

Thanx for you valuable review of my website http://www.clickonlinejobs.com .I really shocked this much of problems in my website !!! Surely i will correct it as soon as possible.Some more clarifications with you.Pls guide me.

I really take considering While clicking Home page
logo to open a new page.I will change it.Also i am going to use different titles in all pages.

:rwb: As a new dreamweaver student i have some clarifications with you.

1.You told that pages are not validated , How to validate them.????

2.You told that i am using table based website.What is CSS based website ? what is the difference between table based website and CSS based website ?? can you refer me any other websites which designed based on CSS.Pls give me the URL of the website.There is any advantages using CSS based website over table based website???

3.Also refer me the website which used H1, H2 .URL please.More than one URL is much welcome.

4.How to check the errors in my website ???

Finally i need a big help from you.

You suggested that There is no recibrokal links for my website.Its true i am doing the same work now to creating recibrokal links.

I plan to create the recibrokal links dynamically like Forum posting.I think you understand my idea.

Actually my idea was to i plan to create a dedicated page for my website named Links.

In that page i provide the my recibrokal link code along with feedback form to get the friends websites
recibrokal link HTML code.

After received the code from the recibrokal link from friends websites, I am going to place their link in my website appropreiate their website classifications wheather their website Business,Education,business or so and so.

Here i plan to place their links in dynamic way due to not editing the HTML code and also creating new page the should exceeds above 50 per page of my website every time.

I place drop down menu which classifieds which catecory of their website.After selecting the appropriate category , I just pasted their HTML link code in the Comment box of the my page automatically it want to include in that selected category of the link page.What can i do for that ???
i doest have coding knowledge.Did u have any coding like javascript and php for my requirement ???

Expecting your earlier reply :nod:

with regards
http://www.clickonlinejobs.com :wave: