View Full Version : User-defined data structures

13 Nov 2006, 04:57 AM
Hello all,
We have an established web-based system that we are looking to expand the functionality of. It uses J2EE, jsp's, Oracle and a bit of flash by the way.

Say, for example, that we capture basic information about employees such as contact details and equal opportunities data but can't account for every type of data every organisation needs. We now want to allow users to define their own forms to capture whatever data they want. This means writing a system that will dynamically create tables and form SQL queries.

I'm just trying to research the area a bit so I can try and anticipate some of the issues we'll run into and find the common solutions to common problems. Only thing is I'm having trouble finding any good resources on the subject.

If anyone could give me one or two pointers it'd be greatly appreciated, or even just some good keywords to search on would be a massive help ;-)