View Full Version : What email marketing tool do you use? (emarketer)

14 Nov 2006, 11:30 AM
I am looking for a reliable tool to manage my growing clientele base. I am not looking necessarily for something that will help me attract traffic, just help me send regular newsletters/graphic mailers out and manage subscribers and opt-outs. Its strictly people who are opting in, I'm not buying a big spambot list or spambotting (whatever it is called).

I am considering something called eMarketer by Webvisions (webvisions.com/emarketer) but I can't find very much in terms of the same model for comparison. My traffic is not high so i don't need something like constant contact.

What do you guys use? any advice? appreciated :nana:

22 Nov 2006, 07:23 PM
Personally I would recommend using an Autoresponder series system - but this does depend on your website and what your objectives are

The great advantage of using a professional autoresponder is that you can set a series of emails in advance e.g. one for each week of the year. The object in this system is to give people a reminder that your site is still there, because they will probably not find you again! You can simply send a message with a link to your site plus some good conent of interest to your subscribers e.g. a short paragraph or two about one of your products

When people sign up to your list, they are then sent the messages in series automatically and you dont need to worry about sending endless messages yourself

A further adventage of using a professional autoresponder system is that the messages are sent out from a dedicated server, so you cant be accused of SPAM, and such professional services are "white-listed" by the email accounts. This is important because otherwise your emails might not get through to the intended recipients - due to SPAM filters

The alternative is something like the PHP emailer which comes included in your web space, although you need to install it to use it
There are also other newsletter systems/scripts out there, but if you use these I would recommend that you check your messages to make sure they will get through the SPAM filters - there are lots of "trigger" words which will mean your message will never get delivered

Just in case there is any missunderstand - please do not confuse genuine email mailing lists/ezines with "leads" that may be seen online for purchase. Such "leads" with almost certainly have been acquired illegally, and using them is now a criminal offense under CanSPAM