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30 Nov 2006, 03:59 PM
Here is my normal process of designing a page for me.

I create the layout/graphics in Photoshop and then fire up Imageready to slice up the layout and save optimized for HTML. Then I open up (with Dreamweaver) the HTML files that Imageready creates and add the text with layers, create links with the slices that I created in Imageready.

Anyways. This works but is a pain to update once the client wants something updated. Not to mention the layers dont always present well on different computers and limits my ability to get exact positioning on the text.

Is there a way to export the non rendered text layers as html so that I can edit the text in Dreamweaver and not have to create layers in Dreamweaver manually.

Also how well does the update HTML feature work in Imageready.

Everytime I use the feature it creates a secondary file on the top folder outside of the image folder and then the html file links to the image folder file by default which is not the changed file.

Sorry for the confusing post.