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06 Dec 2006, 09:19 AM
More and more visitors are required for earning google adsense revenue.If the situation is like that your site becomes a popular for online visitors for any reasons then there is an enough possibility to click google ads and that yields revenue.So,every type of measures will be applied for attracting more and more visitors in your website.

The following path should be followed to do this needful.

1.Clicking of your ads depend on selection of ad title.The ad title should be made adding keywords.Keywords means the words which are used by online jobseekers in their search queries.if your site relates to home based job and business opportunities keywords like work from home,work at home on data entry,computer jobs or prooreading jobs etc.etc.More and More keywords will be available from search engines like Google and Yahoo by visiting the following URLs at a free of cost.



2.Short and precise add matter yield good results.It does not mean elimination of useful information.Every information should be incorporated in the add matter.All fields must be completed and short ads can be used in the longer fields.

3.Use the words and phrases like Now,Amazing,Extremely Powerful Secrets,Low cost & High Profit,Incredible,Real,Innovative,Assure,Trust,Struggling,Fastest and Easiest way, Come and Join etc.etc.These words and phrases insist adviewers to do something to get satisfaction.

4.Selection of products for advertisement should be unique to get good results.

5.Select the keywords adapting with the product which will spark an interest or curiosity.

6.Do not select the product which is saturated on the online.

7.Place your ads regularly on online classfieds.As the ads are always rotating so to visulise it, time and labour should be provided by posting in a regular interval to reach the visitors attention.

8.Do not post the same add or different title of same add matter over and over in a same row because it is called spamming.The punishment of spammer is knew no bounds.Your I.P. address or E-mail address may be blocked by ad-posting sites and you may be compelled by law also.Moreover,your site may be identified as a spamming site.

9.Constantly,monitor your site statistics.If you are not able to get traffic from a particular add then change it in the next posting.

10.Do not choose to write in the admatter like Earn $1000 in every hour,earning will start within 15 minutes or become a millionaire within a few days etc.etc.because it indicates too good to be true.

11.Post the same ads within 5-7 days.Apply trial and error method for selection of an add.

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Julio Saltos