View Full Version : Convert WordPerfect graphic (.wpg) to Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format

14 Dec 2006, 09:38 PM
Ok. I know what you're thinking... Surely there's a feeware out there to do this. Ahem, i think so, but this is what I've discovered quite some time ago and willing to share this 'discovery' with you all. This tip might be useful for graphic and/or web designers. If you already know this, please bear with me.

Ok, Corel Wordperfect 11 users out there please take note, if you are ever in need for a .wpg clipart of yours, yeah the one you find on the Wordperfect CD, converted to an Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format for some reason, maybe to place it into the brochure / website you're designing - here's the trick. Assuming you do have Adobe Illustrator version 8 or higher.

Identify a clip art, insert it as usual in your Wordperfect document. Enlarge it if you want.
Publish to PDF
Open that PDF file using Adobe Illustrator
Edit your newly converted Clipart
Save it as an .ai file - or any other to suit your project.
Well, that's just about it.

Thanks for letting me share.