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21 Dec 2006, 03:14 PM
Hi guys,

I am thrashing through ideas on how to begin developing www.links.com. I am in for the long haul. I am thinking about maybe partnering up with a university.

My initial idea is to go in the opposite direction from DMOZ, Yahoo and Google. That is, I am going to try to pinpoint the Best of Best sites (maybe the top ten in each category). This permits visitors to quickly find the best sites on the web without much effort or searching. All listings will be free, of course, and the blog/directory is open to recommendations and comments.

I am not sure whether I want any "voting", since voting can be skewed. I am more interested in a juried/moderated aproach. I am trying to build something useful with the name, focusing on what can cut down the time spent searching for information.

I am open to other ideas. If you would, I am interested in comments on:

1) The basic "Best of Best" idea
2) The idea of partnering with a university, or any other academic type group, in order to make it a really unique and valuable site
3) The idea of using a blog/directory format

Of course, if you have any other comments on how to utilize this name to its best advantage, I would be interested in knowing your thoughts. I am just messing around with ideas at this time. I am most interested in building something unique and of value. I hope that the monetization will follow. Thanks for your help.