View Full Version : Swift Media Offers Free, Non-Automated SEO Reports

22 Dec 2006, 11:59 AM
Swift Media, a UK based new media development firm, is now offering free non-automated search engine optimization reports (http://www.swiftmediauk.co.uk/free-search-engine-optimisation-report.php) to all interested webmasters. With over 80% of surfers utilizing search engines on a regular basis, the value of effective search engine optimization is growing by the day.

As the profitability of high search engine rankings constantly increases, many webmasters are spending thousands of pounds on professional SEO solutions. Although free alternatives do exist, they are often highly automated, and the results they return are rarely good enough to have any real impact on rankings.

In contrast to these automated programs, Swift Media’s proprietary SEO system combines computerized keyword analysis with the advice and opinions of an experienced SEO professional. By giving cutting edge analysis a human touch, Swift Media’s system consistently yields effective, personalized, high-quality results.

Webmasters who would like a free SEO report can visit Swift Media’s website, located at http://www.swiftmediauk.co.uk/. In addition to SEO reports, Swift Media offers a range of professional web and graphic design solutions, as well as affordable hosting. Those wishing to contact Swift Media can reach them by emailing mail@swiftmediauk.co.uk

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