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23 Dec 2006, 11:09 AM
Computer Central (http://www.compcentral.net/)

Hey....any opinions on the design ?

But more importantly and advice on SEO for this site would be aprecciated.

Thanks. :)

23 Dec 2006, 05:06 PM
What is this site about? That was my first question when seeing the page. It wasn't clear to me what the purpose was or what I could do here. Since web users make decisions about staying and using a site or leaving and going somewhere else in a matter of seconds, it's important that the purpose of a site be made clear to a visitor immediately. The best way to do this is to write a short tag line to place under the site logo that tells what the site is. Something direct and to-the-point, six to eight words maximum works best.

The "welcome" text is too long. People don't read web pages, then scan them looking for what they came for or for something on interest to click on. They don't stop and read lengthy text. To be effective you need to shorten the text considerably. I suggest you sit down and rewrite it, cutting out half the words. Once you've done that, go back and cut out half the words a second time. Now you'll have short, clear information that will make it more likely to be read.

Next I notice the "Artcom Login" and wonder what is that? If I were at art.com or artcom something it would make sense, but no at "computer central" ... plus it doesn't give me a clue how to register for an Artcom login account.

On the tutorial page it's not clear how to read the articles. I did figure out that the headlines are links, but since they don't have underlines nor are they in the conventional link colors they appear to be blue just because it's the site theme color. A "Read more..." link at the end of each excerpt would be a good addition.

The distinction between "tutorials" and "articles" isn't clear to me. I would think that one category and then different sub category for all these would work better for a visitor.

Typo on the script page: This Members are script is the simple solution...

Download page would be more useful if the platform(s) they ran on were mentioned (unless they all Windows stuff, then that should be made clear).

Overall the navigation is clear and efficiently handled and I found no surprises when going through the pages. The only thing that seems to need some work is making some things clearer and easier for a user.