View Full Version : meta tag analyzer rates my meta tags 0%-Please helppppp me

27 Dec 2006, 01:47 AM
Ok here is my meta tag analyisis done at:


My business's website is:


And i chose the "googlebot" when doing the analyisis.

it says my meta tags are terrible 0%.

Ok i'm using the standard go godaddy tools where u log into your godaddy reseller account and go into domain names,then domain forwarding,and there is 2 boxes in there where i can type a description for my site and keywords.

Now can someone tell me how i can get 100% with this meta tag analyser located above? Can you tell me exactly how and what keywords etc I need to type pleaseee???


Yes i know you need traffic to your site aswell to get a higher google page rank,but meta tags are important too and i want my meta tags to be 100% correct.


14 Jan 2007, 12:56 PM
I'd stay away from these software analyzers. They are pretty useless anyway. Instead, you can read a couple of books and get yourself educated on seo.

I like Search Engine Optimization for Dummies 2nd edition.

Meta tags are not that useful anymore. Focus more on title tag, h tags.