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29 Dec 2006, 07:19 AM
Okay webdesign well this is acktualy jsut the coming soon of a soon starting project so I had to make something for it. I spent two hours editing an image that I took from a personal screenshot in the game css (coutnerstrike source) in night vision whcih I turned into a house added two gaming charcaterson the inside
I then created windows and made an explosion and a chracter outside by the night sky.

Rate on design work and creativity & commonts.
*yes i know the text isnt veyr visible btw you need a good gfx card to see this reall good, I got a nvidia 6600 and it does the job*

Original image: click here (http://img139.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=96741_cs_militia0000_122_487lo.jpg)
Entry screen: click here (http://suprfile.com/src/1/57gi21h/clanned.png)

Well guys I have greta news, I furhter updated this iamge to the final & laste piece. This peice will be amde of rhalloween curmmer easter etc... with a different bit at the door (there is holly there now) & modifications & will not just say coming soon but as well as "enter site"

VIEW THE BEST ONE :-) (http://img300.imageshack.us/my.php?image=comingsoonbo7.png)