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30 Dec 2006, 05:10 AM
Hello all...
I am looking for a webdesigner interested in building a security website that i want to be the next best thing...i have lots of security products to sell and unknown vulnerabilitys to present to the world and make a secure yourself video section i have the domain www.Security-H.com i have 100mb of hoasting space and unlimited emails + unlimited bandwith my webdesigner skills are next to zero i have the material for the website, i just dont have the website i want to make a chat with the security expert zone wich is not really easy to find on the net i want to make 99% of the website free for system administratos so that the visitors will come in hordes...i have tons of ideas and the profits will exist .... with advertising on it/adsense and product selling and much more if there is some one out there willing to design a site for me and become my partner in this buisniss pleese dont hesitate to contact me /post a reply IM me on hamadeh.samy@yahoo.com wich is bouth for an email as well


Acerda Mulan
www.Security-H.com (secuiry hour it's time to get secured)

06 Feb 2007, 07:56 PM
Whats your budget for this work to be done please?