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30 Dec 2006, 01:18 PM
01WebDirectory http://www.01webdirectory.com comments $50
192 Directory http://www.192directory.co.uk n/a $46
1st-Spot http://www.1st-spot.net n/a $15
http://www.1st4biz.com/ x n/a
4intrepid http://www.4intrepid.com comments $20
Abilogic http://www.abilogic.com x $10 Yes
http://www.agada.info/web-directory/ x n/a Yes
Ajdee http://www.ajdee.com n/a $25
AllTheBizz http://www.allthebizz.com n/a $10
AllTheWebsites http://www.allthewebsites.org/ x n/a In process
AllWebDirectory http://www.allwebdirectory.com n/a $29
Allestra http://www.allestra.com n/a $40
AnthonyParsons http://www.anthonyparsons.com comments $10
Arielis http://www.arielis.com/ n/a $25
AroundTheWeb http://www.aroundtheweb.com n/a $15
Ask Frank http://www.askfrank.info/ x 18.5
Azoos http://www.azoos.com n/a $70
BargainLab http://www.bargainlab.com n/a $20
BDC Concepts http://bdcconcepts.com/directory/ x 18.5 try again
Bhanvad http://www.bhanvad.com n/a $20
BigAll http://www.bigall.com x $15 Yes
Biz Directory http://www.biz-directory.org n/a $40
BizPages http://www.bizpagesonline.org n/a 24
BizUnited http://www.bizunited.com recip 20
Blue Dafodil http://blue.daffodil.uk.com/directory/ x n/a Yes
BlueFind http://www.bluefind.com n/a $50
Browse8 http://www.browse8.com n/a $15
BusinessPlexus http://www.businessplexus.com x n/a
Business Seek http://www.businessseek.biz/ x $10 try again
CanLiks http://www.canlinks.net x n/a Yes
Canny Link http://www.cannylink.com n/a $20
http://www.clasione.com/ n/a $5.00
Complete Dir http://www.complete-directory.com/ n/a 15
DataSpear http://www.dataspear.com n/a $40
Deep Directory http://www.deep-directory.com n/a n/a
Deregular http://www.deregular.com/ x n/a adsense
DesigningOnline http://www.designingonline.com n/a $35
Direct-o-ry http://www.direct-o-ry.com/ recip n/a
Directory Buddy http://www.directorybuddy.com pay $5
Directory Dude http://www.directorydude.com pay $5
DirectoryGeneral http://www.directorygeneral.com pay $10
DirectoryHere http://www.directoryhere.com n/a $35
Directory Shark www.directoryshark.com/ n/a $10
DiectoryWorld http://www.directoryworld.net recip $10
DMOZ http://www.dmoz.org x comments n/a
(if questions with DMOZ ask at http://www.resource-zone.com) n/a n/a
Earth Station 9 http://www.earthstation9.com/ x comments n/a
EasyFolders http://www.easyfolders.com n/a $5
http://ecommerce-directory.org/ x 15 try again
Elib.org http://www.elib.org reciprocal $68
eWilla http://www.ewilla.com reciprocal $15
ezilon.com search.ezilon.com x n/a Yes
Findhound http://www.findhound.com n/a $10
http://www.geeksonsteroids.com/directory/ x n/a Check Back
Gimpsy http://www.gimpsy.com x $40 try again
GoGuides http://www.goguides.org n/a $40
GreenStalk http://www.greenstalk.com/ n/a n/a
haabbaa http://www.haabaa.com reciprocal $50
Hoppa http://www.hoppa.com n/a $58
HTML Easy http://www.htmleasy.com n/a n/a
Illumirate http://www.illumirate.com x n/a
InCrawler http://www.incrawler.com n/a $25
IndexUnlimited http://www.indexunlimited.com reciprocal $29
InfoWebWorld http://www.infowebworld.com x n/a try again
InformationOutpost http://informationoutpost.com/ non com $5
Iozoo http://www.iozoo.com/ x n/a Yes
J Trotta http://www.jtrotta.com/ n/a $20
Jayde http://www.jayde.com x n/a Yes
Jimac http://www.jimac.co.uk/ n/a n/a
JoeAnt http://www.joeant.com editors $40
Kabooli http://www.kabooli.com n/a $20
Katakombe http://www.katakombe.com/directory recip $90
Kwik Goblin http://www.kwikgoblin.com/ n/a n/a
http://knowledge-finder.com/directory/page1.html n/a $15
LandofLinks http://www.landoflinks.com x n/a Yes
Link Pimp http://www.link-pimp.com/ recip 20
Linkop http://www.linkop.com reciprocal $15
Linkopedia http://www.linkopedia.com n/a $10
LinksMatch http://www.linksmatch.com/ x n/a Check Back
http://www.look4business.org x n/a resubmit
LookForth http://www.lookforth.com n/a $24
Lost Traffic http://www.losttraffic.com x $5
http://www.managednames.com/ n/a 10
Massive Links http://www.massivelinks.com n/a $10
MonkeyDirectory http://www.monkeydirectory.com x $5
Mojoo http://www.mojoo.com x $5
http://www.most-relevant-links.com reciprocal $20
Nawigator Directory http://directory.nawigator.biz/ n/a n/a
NetExposure http://www.netexposure.com.au non com $5
NetInsert http://www.netinsert.com/ x n/a Check Back
NetVisits http://www.netvisits.com n/a $25
NetZoning http://www.netzoning.com n/a $40
NetworkRooms http://www.network-room.com/links/ x n/a Yes
Objects Directory http://www.objectsdirectory.com x $20
Octopedia http://www.octopedia.com n/a $25
OhGoodySites http://www.ohgoodysites.com n/a $5
Okay Directory http://www.okaydirectory.com n/a $5
One Mission http://www.onemission.com x n/a Check Back
One Stop http://www.onestop-directory.com n/a n/a
Ozami http://www.ozami.com n/a $40
Parent Mix http://parentmix.surebaby.com/ n/a $40
Perfext http://www.perfext.com/ x 5 checkback
Pharos Search http://www.pharos-search.com/ non com $26
Platinax http://www.platinax.co.uk/directory/ n/a $20
PortalBoost http://www.portalboost.com/directory non com $15
Portal IT http://directory.portalit.net/ x n/a Yes
PR3 Directory http://www.pr3.co.uk/ x n/a
Primo Directory http://www.primodirectory.com x $10
Qango http://www.qango.com/ comments $50
Red Juniper http://www.redjuniper.com x n/a Yes
Rlrouse http://www.rlrouse.com/ n/a $50
RubberStamped http://www.rubberstamped.org n/a $25
Search City http://www.searchcity.biz x n/a Check Back
Search Folk http://www.searchfolk.com n/a $25
Search Turtle http://www.searchturtle.com/ n/a $5
SeekOn http://www.seekon.com n/a n/a
SeekOn.info http://www.seekon.info n/a $29
Sevenseek http://www.sevenseek.com n/a $40
Seoma http://www.seoma.net n/a $10
Sezza http://www.sezza.com n/a n/a
Share Directory http://www.sharedirectory.com/ recip $25
Simplist http://www.simplist.org n/a 24
Site Folders http://www.sitefolders.com n/a $5
Site Sift http://www.site-sift.com n/a $35
Site Snoop http://www.sitesnoop.com n/a $10
Skaffe http://www.skaffe.com editors $40
http://www.smallbusinesspro.co.uk n/a $20
SmallerBizz http://www.smallerbizz.com n/a $10
SoMuch http://www.somuch.com x n/a Yes
SOC Engine http://www.socengine.com reciprocal $15
Softz Directory http://www.softzdirectory.com/ x n/a try again
Sootle http://directory.sootle.com/ recip 20
Spheri Directory http://www.spheri.com x n/a Yes
Sporge http://www.sporge.com n/a $10
http://www.stormer.net/ n/a n/a
SUMWD http://www.sumwd.com/ x n/a Yes
Sunsteam.com http://www.sunsteam.com n/a $45
Synergy Index http://www.synergyindex.com/ recip $10
ThisIsOurYear http://www.thisisouryear.com n/a $20
Topical Beach http://www.topicalbeach.com/ n/a $20
http://www.tsection.com x 10 Yes
Tygo http://www.tygo.com/dir/ comments $20
http://www.uberlist.org/ non com 24
Uncoverthenet http://www.uncoverthenet.com n/a $39
Uquick Directory http://directory.uquick.com n/a n/a
http://verticaldirectories.com/ recip 20
WebAtlas http://www.webatlas.org n/a $37
Web Beacon http://www.web-beacon.com editors $40
Web Savvy http://www.websavvy.cc n/a n/a
WebSearchInfo http://www.websearches.info x n/a Yes
Web World Index http://www.webworldindex.com x $25 Yes
http://www.webxperience.org/ n/a n/a
World Site Index http://www.worldsiteindex.com n/a $14
Wow Directory http://www.wowdirectory.com n/a $20
WowYellowPages http://www.wowyellowpages.com n/a $20
Xeit http://www.xeit.com/ n/a $10
http://www.xeoweb.biz n/a n/a
Yeandi http://www.yeandi.com x $20 disabled
total spent 0
remaining $2,598
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02 Jan 2007, 11:08 AM
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