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31 Dec 2006, 08:55 PM

I make custom websites.

PS. Happy new year! :xmas:

03 Jan 2007, 04:01 PM
Unfortunately even at $4.29 I think the prices are too high. There is so much wrong with this page that I'd never consider having you design my site. First off, the site is mostly images, none that have any ALT tags, so if you're sight impaired or some of the images don't load it's useless. Especially bad since it pretty much looks like regular web text and not graphics. There are no META tags for search engines. Your order process doesn't work as described (Fill out the order form > send payment via paypal > enjoy!). I went through the steps to see what they were and found my information submitted before I expected it to be. I was expecting to find a payment page at which point I would have my final opportunity to continue or cancel, but that never came. Things that don't work as expected will frustrate and confuse your users, something that's bad to do if you're trying to get them to have you make a site for them that doesn't do that.

"Web 2.0 is the new generation of websites. This website is an example of the use of web 2.0 graphics. There are glossy banners, buttons, and in some cases, even text." ... I don't think you understand what "Web 2.0" means. It has nothing to do with fancy graphics and, in some cases, text." In fact this statement shows you don't really understand how the web is built, how people use it and how important search engines are to the success of a site. Text is the building block of web sites. It's what search engines read and index and what people search for. A site that's all images won't show up in any search engine results since there's nothing for them to index. Good web design uses text as the basis for a site and then adds images where it will add to the site, not in place of it.

There is also a lot of off choices made in the overall layout of the site. You've got it set up as if some one had made a decision to hire you before they came to the site. There's no introduction to who you are or what you do. There's no portfolio examples, there's no flow in the order the information is presented. Think what you would tell someone if you were talking to them and trying to sell your services. Would you start with the prices and the payment method you accept before you give them some background information? Some of these thoughts might be mitigated by viewing other examples of your work, something that I'd expect to see links to on a site selling design services.

My apologies if my comments seem especially harsh, but keep in mind that I'm pointing out things that will help you immensely if you work on these things.