View Full Version : New site - comments / suggestions?

05 Jan 2007, 10:01 AM
Hi guys,

Just found this forum - seems brilliant!

I'm in the middle of starting up a property website for Villas and Apartments in Turkey. I did a bit of web design in my 'youth' but I'm completely out of touch!

I've designed http://www.turquoiseestates.co.uk/ - and would welcome any suggestions or comments...

I've used a template for the design, so I think it looks ok? Better than my trying on my own!

I was listed briefly in Google - no. 1 if I typed Turquoise Estates, but the site has dissapeared! It's not banned, Google still pulls down the site map but it's not indexing. Would having a template cause problems?

Thanks, and be gentle!! I'm new to this game so probably made lots of mistakes

06 Jan 2007, 02:30 PM
I'd remove the top flash animation. Just imagine those who have seen it, but not impressed by it, have to see it every time they come to the site.

Flash may look appealing to you, but not necessarily to your visitors. It also slows down the page download. It took me quite a while to load your home page.

The design looks pretty clean and that is good.