View Full Version : Flash-enabled site: does it load quickly enough?

15 Jan 2007, 05:24 PM
This site uses a Flash add-on to load a 'photo of the day' slideshow and links to twenty-six separate photo galleries on the home page. My concern: slow load times.

TransitPeople (http://www.transitpeople.org)


If you have a moment to check the link and provide feedback, your input will be appreciated. If the slideshow seems to take inordinately long to appear, I'd like to know!

The galleries could be split -- with the 'photo of the day' remaining on the home page and the other galleries relegated to a separate page -- but it's easier to keep them together. But not if they take forever to appear on screen.

Also: one user reported that the slideshow doesn't work at all in Firefox 2.0. If anyone else runs into that problem, please don't hesitate to say so

Thanks very much!