View Full Version : Horizontal Menu Problem

29 Jan 2007, 05:23 PM

Can anyone spare some time to take a look at http://www.varitek.co.uk/problem/

Check it out in both Firefox and Internet explorer and you will see the problem.

I remember coming across this issue a long while back but can't remember how I solved it.

If anyone can resolve this I will be most grateful.


30 Jan 2007, 08:47 AM
In my IE7 the menu buttons are in line with the nav bar but in Firefox they are just below.

Since the menu buttons are in the ul tags, I put in an extra style:-
#nav ul {margin-top:0px;}

I expected to have to put in a negative margin-top to raise them up, assuming that they were already at 0 margin-top, but that wasn't the case; they moved into the nav bar with 0 margin-top. They still stay in the nav bar in IE7 so for some reason FF must have been applying a margin-top while IE7 did not.

If IE7 buttons had moved out of position while FF buttons moved into position then a conditional comment for IE7 would have been required to reverse IE7 but on my PC it isn't necessary.