View Full Version : Design a web design graphic - $20

06 Feb 2007, 07:24 PM
Hey Guys,

Ok i know what i need, i just need sombody to do it for me. Ill explain by first showing you 2 pictures.

I want an image like this, you can see it has like a peeling effect, basically i want a screenshot of http://swiftmed.swiftmediauk.co.uk/portfolio.php as the image, then i want that peeling like effect with what looks like wwebsite coding/planning documents, it kinda looks like its going into the roots of the design of that page

And i want that image to be peeling off this laptop, obviously the graphic on the laptop will be covered with the new graphic you will be creating and can you get rid of the butterfly thing that goes outside the laptop as well please. The image needs to be on a page which colour code is: #FFF8F4.


Design contest closes in 24 hours. winner gets $20 via paypal or $50 worth of services from www.swiftmediauk.co.uk

08 Feb 2007, 10:32 PM
no longer required.