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26 Feb 2007, 06:57 AM
Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to let this forum know about a new online community for digital designers.


PI&EL is a new online community for designers interested in new media design, including aspects such as interface design, graphics and print, video and broadcast, flash and animation ect...

We wanted to create a community where you can showcase your work and give other people feedback. We also have areas of the forum where you can get help with software problems you might be having.

I know you must get approached all the time to try out new forums and communities, but if you do find the time to have a quick glance, any interest is great. We would love our community to become popular for the benefit of everyone, so please take a look.

The forum isn't going public until the 1st of March, but feel free to sign up and start posting as soon as you like, and please keep checking back.

Thanks for your interest.

PI&EL: Digital Design Community