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05 Mar 2007, 10:28 PM
hi ya all, i am currently looking for some extremely skilled hobby programmers who would like to create a high quality MMORPG-Actions space game using opengl, windows, fstream, and much more. we will be using the old language C++(CPP), which is constantly being updated.

e-mail me at ewbobman@gmail.com if you wish to apply.
since this is a hobby project it will consist of 30-100 other people, and there will be no wages, commision will be spilt according to the work done, and if the game is successfuly setup.

this is your chance to make big bucks, if you do it right.

do not apply if you have not passed the min of grade 10 pure math.
this project will require a great deal of math, which contains extremely complicated equations.

if you would like to learn how to program CPP so you may join this current project, or the next project, e-mail me at ewbobman@gmail.com where i will send you some completely free learning matterial, please note that the documents may be hard to understand if you do not know a basic language, and because this is a webdesigning forum, i suggest you atleast know the basics of one of the following, PHP, ASP, ASP.net, JavaScript, JavaApplet, and any other browser/server scripts.

this is a huge project that may fail without your help.

please note, this project will we run using e-mails, and instant messaging, if you live close enough to someone in the project, and you both allow it, you may visit them when ever you both agree, but if you end up killing yourselves it is not my fault.