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17 Mar 2007, 10:21 AM
I'm looking for a webdesigner to fix up www.crud3w4re.com I want the site to be wrapped up, look decent, but not so it'd mess up when I install new mods, or in software upgrades. Is that possible?

I'm using SMF / Joomla bridge. It doesn't look great at this point, that's why I'm seeking design work:

I can offer:

You can join my staff - we have received 10,000 uniques this month, made $30, was booming before I installed the bridge, and when I just was using SMF. We are ranked like 490,000 on Alexa, ranked 923 in New Zealand! Joining the staff means p/t work [casually] and revenue sharing, plus other features, such as email, free hosting [when we launc webhosting], plus more.


I'll pay you per hour


Per job

Your call! :D