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24 Mar 2007, 10:56 PM
I'm looking for a team of brilliant people! I looking to start designing a community based website (read concept below.) If you like the idea of my concept for Project Grafix and think you have some abilties or ideas that may help me let me know please! Email me at badgrafix@gmail.com

Also when i do eventually get a design team together we'll be doing all our communications using free services Google offer (Google Docs, Google Groups, Picasa, ect.) So it would help if you already have a google account.

badgrafix Concept

The original idea behind badgrafix was that I suck at drawing, or being artistic in most other ways. I wanted to make a cool website about my interests and such but I wanted to skip the whole making artistic cool banners and menu items and such. Instead I wanted to just freehand it, which doesn't come out with the best results. But in practice I came out with a pretty cool looking website that looked like it was drawn on a notepad, yet it was made with flash and had working links that went to articles that i wrote.

That all was a few years ago. Since then I lost my passion for writing witty articles. Now I want to take the same concept from my original website, but make it community driven with submissions for both articles and pictures . Each user will have there own profile. Users will be able to upload pictures they create with paint, photoshop, and flash in .PNG format (so the background will be transparent.) The uploaded image then becomes a grafix. The grafix should be simple objects such as an apple, or snake, or sun, or what ever the designer desires. It should be simple, but creative. After its a grafix other users will be able to grade the picture which will give it a value.

The user will be able to arrange the grafix on their profile how ever they want which will be presented to the public along with a "about me" type thing and a picture of them (which isnt a grafix, its just a picture.. of them.. myspace style i guess. but only one picture) Dont let this be confused with myspace though, this whole thing is more about the grafix then it is with the user.

There will be a market place styled system that lets users buy, sell, and trade grafix. The value will be determined by how users grade each grafix.

Project Grafix Group: http://groups.google.com/group/project-grafix

By the way i'm sorry if i posted this in the wrong place. Feel free to let me know how much of a 'noob' i am and beat me with a broom.

-Brandt (badgrafix)