View Full Version : Unseen E-mail with Cpanel

27 Mar 2007, 05:18 AM
H Guys,

I just want to ask if some of you is also experiencing the same problem with regards to your e-mail when you view Cpanel.

For you to understand what I'm saying, kindly check the image.


This has been a problem of my mine for a several month and my provider said that this is due to Cpanel bug.

I already check all the webmail folders and they are empty and I even re-created each account but everytime I received new e-mail it seems that some traces are left. I am downloading my e-mail using outlook and I'm also not using leave to server option and this is why I'm confident that all my emails are downloaded. I even clear the spambox but I have no success on this trouble.

I want to know if some of you experience this problem or maybe you can also help me to troubleshoot this problem.

Thank you very much in advance for your feedback.