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30 Apr 2007, 05:10 AM
[SIZE="3"]Price: $30.

Link for information & purchase page: http://www.nichecreator.collectphp.com/


Niche Site Creator 2.0
Have you ever wondered how to make money on the internet? I am sure many of you will have worked it out. One of the easiest ways, is through affiliate programs. Programs such as Adsense, Chitika, Amazon etc. BY putting these programs on a small site, you can earn an average of $10 per month easy. However, that is still not a lot of money. Have you ever wondered how to make big money? The answer is so simple, we were surprised nobody had thought of it before. Duplication! Imagine, one small website can earn $10/month easily. What if you had 100, or even 200 websites? You would be earning $1,000-$2,000 per month. The only draw back with this idea is that it would usually take weeks to set up that amount of websites.

Not anymore!

This product allows you to create hundreds of website with thousands of pages per site in just a few hours... read below for more details.

What does this script do exactly?
Niche Creator creates dynamically generated pages that look static to the search engines. You load Niche Creator files onto your server, insert your keywords and Niche Creator builds your site for you. Our results have proven that it you can make around 30 sites per hour. That is one site every 2 minutes. The amount of pages on each site average between 2,000 and 9,000 pages. Our Niche Site Creator enables you to create a website with unlimited pages of content within seconds! All you have to do is edit the keyword file with a list of keywords, and when uploaded, our script will create HTML pages with content related to all those keywords! Each keyword can generate up to 31 unique pages. That is, if you use 10,000 keywords in keywords.txt, you can create a website with up to 310,000 different pages!

Our Proven Results
CollectPHP own a network of 500 .info websites that are powered by this software. Around three months ago, on a Saturday, we spent one 10 hour day buying domains and setting up the websites, so that by the end of the day all of the 500 websites were successfully set up. The following day, we used the inbuilt tools found with the script (Keyword finder, sitemap generator and Search Engine Submitter) to SEO the websites and submit to search engines. After a round a month of minimal advertising, Adsense started generating quite a lot of money and started averaging over $100 per day. Now, three months on, we are averaging around $150-$200 per day. That is around $6,000 per month from Adsense, from one weekend of work. Not bad, huh :D Screenshot below.

http://nichecreator.collectphp.com/images/april.gif - This is our current Adsense revenue from April 1-27.

Features of the script (bold = new feature exclusive to 2.0)
After our initial version of this software was a huge success, CollectPHP instantly set out to release a second product with far more added and optional features. Some of these features are below:
Can display content from Yahoo RSS Feeds
Can display content from Google RSS Feeds
Can display content from BBC RSS Feeds
Search through all of the pages in seconds.
Adsense can be placed on every page.
Amazon products linking to associate ID can be placed on every page
Chitika can be placed on every page
Ability to sell affiliate links
Tell-A-Friend optional feature
Youtube video displayed on page keyword (Can create a site with thousands of Youtube videos in seconds)
Script now links to another site page displaying the RSS article, instead of linking out
XML Sitemap Creator (Create a sitemap of your site in .xml format in under a second)
Search Engine Submission Script
Keyword Finder Script
Google Search Form
Display an image from Google based on your keyword
Three templates included in download
Detailed installation file describing everything
As you can seem there are so many new features available in 2.0, it is highly recommended that you upgrade or purchase this script to continue being able to produce quality websites.

How do I earn money with the software?
Niche Creator allows you the flexibility to make money with Adsense, Chitika, Amazon products and affiliates. It is recommended that you put all of these money making programs on each and every site, so that you can maximize your revenue. That way, you have 5 different ways to make money from each visitor to your sites. The great thing about Niche Creator is that you simply insert one simple token for each money making program onto a pre-made template, in the location you want it on the page, and as you're done!

What are the advantages of this version, as opposed to the last version?
There are quite a lot of advantages in version 2.0 as opposed to version 1.0. We have conducted extensive results, and it has been found that the latest version receives increased CTR, from Adsense, Amazon and Chitika. Also, as the RSS feeds no longer link directly out of the site, but on to another page, you get more page hits per visitor. More page hits, in collaboration with a higher CTR, result in a far greater income. Also, by using the inbuilt tools within the script, you can more easily SEO your site, and better submit to search engines. Again, this means far more traffic.

What do I get with the purchase?
When you purchase our Niche Site Creator 2.0, you got the following: Download to the script, lifetime subscription to all future updates in the 2nd series, three templates free of charge and access to subscriber only forums. We will also advertise your website for free. We will use custom-built software to submit your website to over 80,000 search engines and directories, all free of charge.


Using this niche creator, I created around 10 websites in about 15 minutes. Not only that, but it was extremely easy to integrate the script into the templates I used. Not only that, but I managed to make some good money using the script by selling a bunch of the sites I made at $15 each. Buy it today :] - Neil
I bought the prototype software in early January of 2007. Since that time, I have spent 10 minutes per day purchasing and setting up websites. I usually get around 3 done per day. I currently own 285 websites using this software, and am earning around $2,500 per month. - James
I purchased this script in February of 2007, as I saw it had huge potential. I allocated $100 towards all future projects relating to this script. After purchasing the script, I set up 95 different .info domains, and spent a few hours submitting them to search engines. After that month, I had earned $460 from Google Adsense. In March, I used all profits to create another 500 websites, and again, after 1 month, my profits had grown to $3,500. I am extremely happy with this script, and hope to continue to do what I am doing so my profits continue to soar. - Angus