View Full Version : UK hosting vs US hosting

03 May 2007, 01:10 PM
At the moment I have a UK reseller account which I use to store my clients websites.

I would like some sort of failover hosting, basically it's hosting where your accounts are held on 2 servers, 1 server looks after web and e-mail, the other looks after databases. If one of the servers were to fail, the other server would take complete control until the other server was brought back online.

I'd either like that or a VPS

I'll looked high and low for UK failover hosting, and I simply can't find anyone offering this sort of thing, or if I do find someone, it's for a price well out of my price rang.

VPS is a different matter, I can find UK located VPS' but you get half what you would get if hosting was in the US.

So my question is, will my clients websites really benefit that much from being hosted in the UK? Is it really worth the extra money?

I can get a VPS in the US, fully managed, with guaranteed 512ram, burstable to 1gb, 10gb hd space and 200 gb of monthly bandwidth, with whm/cpanel all for $44.50 a month (around 20-25 a month). These VPS accounts are held on server with dual xeon dual core processors.

A similar VPS hosted in the UK is going to cost around 63, and these are on amd 3200 system.

As you can see it's going to cost around 3 times more to host my clients sites in the uk. Is it REALLY worth it?