View Full Version : Is there software for doing web application drafts?

04 May 2007, 01:40 PM

I am designing a web application (a database). What I am trying to do is draw some drafts of how the pages will look in terms of features, menu contents, html forms, navigation, general layout etc. The idea is that the drafts would be quite quick to do and I can present them to the boss who will give me feedback.

What I want to avoid is that I create the database in PHP/XHTML and then the boss asks me to change the layout, features etc after I've coded it all. The drafts are suppossed to be a quick way of allowing changes and feedback from the boss.

So far I've been using Visio or Powerpoint. Both fulfill the job but neither is designed for the purpose.

Is there a specialist software for this kind of thing?

Thank you