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06 May 2007, 11:37 PM
Contest is located here: http://www.webmaster-talk.com/graphic-design-contests/85630-website-template-logo-design-contest-100-a.html

I had this vision of making a deal site, where people can find deals on products to buy for cheap. For example on this site it will list product deals, coupons, a forum, and give the users ability to submit a deal comment on a deal etc. my site is www.dealsneaker.com if you go there right now you will see just godaddy because i still have yet to put a design down. For the logo for the site im looking for a burglar with a sack. I will need a logo and a template. If you could code the site it would be great, but if you cant thats cool to, the graphics are the main thing that matter.

http://www-cse.uta.edu/~holder/courses/cse2320/lectures/figures/clipart/burglar.gifthis is a example of the logo i want of course better graphics, so just take this same concept of a burglar with a sac. Im Looking for a Nice graphics (logo & template) for my deal site.

Examples of deal sites

If anyone gots any questions please contact me, on this forum or pm me.

The contest ends on 5/20/07 or when i found a template that fits my vision of this site.