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12 May 2007, 10:54 AM
HostMonster Review

http://img.hostmonster.com/720x90/1.gif (http://www.hostmonster.com/track/majianlin/text1)

<a href="http://www.hostmonster.com/track/majianlin/text1">HostMonster</a> is an established company who have been providing web hosting services to individuals and businesses since 1996. They are based in Utah, and their company ethos would appear the simplification the hosting process. In line with this, they only offer one plan; a “one size fits all” package that attempts to deliver all things, to all people. Our life experience up to now should tell us that this is an unlikely prospect; usually we end up with a “jack of all trades, master of none” type situation. Please continue reading to find out if <a href="http://www.hostmonster.com/track/majianlin/text1">HostMonster</a> as any success with these tactics.


<a href="http://www.hostmonster.com/track/majianlin/text1">HostMonster</a> may only have one hosting plan, but it’s certainly not short of features, the entire list can be found on their website here . Below is our overview of the main features you should know about.
300GB Disk Space – This should be enough to satisfy even the most storage hungry of websites.
3000GB/month Bandwidth – Well, <a href="http://www.hostmonster.com/track/majianlin/text1">HostMonster</a> are definitely living up to their name, because this really is a monstrous amount of data transfer. The majority of websites won’t even use 1% of that, and it’s a good job they don’t, because if they did all <a href="http://www.hostmonster.com/track/majianlin/text1">HostMonster</a>’s servers would go into meltdown!
Unlimited Add-on domains – This, in our opinion, is the key selling point of this plan. No other host company (who is genuine and trustworthy) offers such a feature, at such a low price. It allows us to host an unlimited number of websites on a single account at no extra cost, thus delivering exceptional value for money.
Free domain name – <a href="http://www.hostmonster.com/track/majianlin/text1">HostMonster</a> will register your domain name for you free of charge, for as long as you host with them.
Fantastico – This program can install over 50 useful scripts automatically. Its functionality is integrated into your control panel, and offers the easiest way to install scripts such as blogs, shopping carts, forums, portals, galleries, and more.
100 MySQL Databases – These come in very useful when installing Fantastico scripts, because each script will often require its own database.
Free site builder software – Contains professional templates, and presents you with the easiest way to create a new website.
30 Day money back guarantee.
Free search engine submission.
99.9% Uptime guarantee.
Unlimited e-mail accounts.

Customer service and technical support

<a href="http://www.hostmonster.com/track/majianlin/text1">HostMonster</a> furnish us with 24/7 technical support via toll free phone, and an e-mail ticket system. They claim to have “the best support in the industry”, err … we’ve heard that before! So do <a href="http://www.hostmonster.com/track/majianlin/text1">HostMonster</a> have the best support in the industry? – No. Though to be fair, we found them to be proficient and very helpful when we contacted them. However, their not quite in the same league as Lunarpages, but then again who is!


Performance is actually surprisingly good, considering the low prices <a href="http://www.hostmonster.com/track/majianlin/text1">HostMonster</a> charge and the amount of resources they offer to all their customers. Server performance was brisker than we anticipated, and downtime would seem to be negligible. All in all, we find that the vast majority of individuals would be more than happy with this level of server performance and reliability.
The control panel is actually a bit of a revelation, it’s a cPanel (our favorite) that has been customized with a Windows XP style skin. It’s called the cPanel XP Evolution and we very much like it. The look of the standard cPanel is what most people complain about; it’s starting to look a little dated when compared to the likes of Vdeck or Plesk. However, this version gives you the best of both worlds, the class leading functionality and ease of use of the cPanel, combined with a high quality appearance. There is a full working demo on the HostMonster website , give it a try, we think you’ll like it.

Our Verdict

<a href="http://www.hostmonster.com/track/majianlin/text1">HostMonster</a> have done a great job with this “all things to all people” type plan. In fact we were ready to condemn them for being just another host who make promises that they have no intention of delivering on. Thankfully our investigation has found them to be a genuine and worthy host, who do indeed represent a sensible hosting choice for a wide variety of potential customers. Principally, those of you who are seeking budget shared hosting, but still want vast amounts of features, coupled with excellent value for money. This is especially the case if you plan on hosting multiple websites; our favorite host for this purpose is <a href="http://www.hostmonster.com/track/majianlin/text1">Hostgator</a> (they also offer unlimited domains), but they do charge a few extra dollars per month. So if you’re in the market for a similar solution to that which Hostgator offers, but can’t stretch to $9.95/month, then HostMonster would make an admirable choice. Their plan is available in two formats 12 or 24 months, the cost of which works out at $6.95, and $4.95 per month respectively. HostMonster undoubtedly present us with a great value web hosting solution, which in our opinion makes them a very sensible choice.

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