View Full Version : Beware of SOL Innovations FRAUD!!!

15 May 2007, 11:40 PM
SOL Innovations & Richard Alot are TOTAL frauds!!!

I'm not sure if they ever post on here, but if you ever have the chance to deal with them, DON'T! Richard Alot is the owner/operator of this small time company. At first, he seemed like a respectable company/guy to deal with, but then gave consistantly lame excuses as to why the work hadn't been finished. After more than enough time (2+ months for a 2 week job), he attempted to defraud me of my money for work that was not done, nor even started. He threatened all kinds of ridiculous claims, but after finally filing suit against him, my money was quickly returned and he shut up. I would highly advise against this thief, as I talked to a few other people who had similar complaints, and there seemed to be a pattern of similar obnoxious behavior.