View Full Version : PNGs change dimension when viewed in IE

29 May 2007, 03:52 AM
I recently designed a site for a customer and decided to use some PNG.

Yesterday my client sent me an e-mail and told me that he had visited a friend and showed him the site. He said that on the friend's browser (IE. Don't know which version), some of the images had changed dimensions and become so small that it was no longer possible to use them. However, when he reloaded, sometimes the imaghes showed up just fine and other times they didn't.

I have heard about strange things happening with PNGs in IE, but never anything like this... does anyone have experience with it? The site is at http://www.edan.no (in norwegian).

Thanks for any help!


29 May 2007, 10:36 PM
First, you should specify the height and width of images in your page code. That way the browser will always render them the correct size. Secondly, you should make your images the desired pixel size at 72 dpi and not 240.005 dpi. If you use Photoshop, open tan image, go to Image > Image Size and uncheck "Resample Image" and change the resolution to 72 and same the file. This won't alter the image at all, just the base resolution number to be the same as the web uses.

Not sure why you felt the need to post this twice. Next time maybe ask only once?