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11 Jun 2007, 05:03 AM
Hey everyone, my name is Rhiannon and I'm 22/f/New Zealand.

I decided to try my hand at making a fluid, web 2.0 esque layout, and it looks great on Safari and Firefox - but, (typically) horrible on Internet Explorer 6 and 7.

I have no idea what I can do to make it look identical, please help me if you can!

Screenshot in IE:




Thank you in advance!

11 Jun 2007, 08:18 AM
The thumbnail image url is forbidden, but even if we could see it someone would be unlikely to find the problem. You need to post your code or a link to the online page.

However, your website shows:-
For the first time ever, PSGR is temporarily CLOSED due to a layout change. The site is closed because I need to adjust the code on every single page (over 300 pages). Stay tuned for: Fluid web 2.0 goodness!

After checking out this layout on Browsercam, I discovered that it does not work properly on IE 6 and IE 7. If anyone knows what I should do here, then please contact me at psgreviews@gmail.com.

Update II: Unclosed tag. Unclosed BLOODY tag. My layout wasn't rendering correctly in IE6/7 all because of an UNCLOSED BLOODY tag. Least it's fixed now....


so I assume you have now cured the problem that your post mentioned.