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13 Jul 2007, 04:13 AM
I was finished to design my website last week.
Please advise me.


13 Jul 2007, 11:46 AM
Hitting the page I don't know what the site is supposed to be for. That's bad because people decide within seconds of landing on a page to stay and use the site or leave and go somewhere else. If they are confused about the purpose of the website, they'll simply move on. One way to solve this dilemma is with a short tag line. Under your site logo is a tag line, but the tag line doesn't mean anything. "Everything is yes to design"? That doesn't tell me anything and doesn't really make any sense anyway. Use this space to tell people what the site is for (six to eight words maximum) instead of trying to be clever and whasting the opportunity you have to keep them around.

Why is there a pop up ad? Annoying and makes me want to leave immediately. You've already got a giant banner and Google ads at the top of the page, adding more is excessive.

There are what appear four buttons in the upper right of the page that compose some sort of "mystery navigation" ... only when trying to figure out where they went to I discovered they're apparently just decoration? I was confused thinking they were buttons and then more confused to discover they're not. What are they and why are they there? You don't really want to confuse your visitors with things that look like they should be links, even if they don't know links to what.

I read your tutorial for making a glass button and it looks like you left out some steps (around step 8: Add text and create up to your design).

I'm assuming English is your second language (my apologies if it isn't)? You really need to have someone proofread the text and fix the grammar. Glass button is more popular for web. And many web designer used it for make the web look modern and comfortable to used makes little sense. It reads like a Babelfish translation.

What's the difference between the "Home" link and the "Board" link?

Your navigation at the bottom of the page has no links. "Show Case" (should be "Showcase") has no link.