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14 Jul 2007, 01:22 AM
Hey what up web devys! i need some devoted graphic designers, flash site devs, html, css, or intermediate CS3 users / Studio 8 users. Im working on a tutorial site called mstuts.com, which now is called QZPstudios.com. QZPstudios.com is now a site for cool tunes, talk, contact info, and halo clan websites. Mstuts will be hosted on a better hosting package substituting for qzpstudios.com. Don't get excited! No ones will be getting paid, this is ll free work, its a free tutorial site! But.. My team of web devs at Adonai Apparel,( my current occupation other than being a student), have agreed to let anyone who participates have an @qzpstudios.com email address, and free image, swf, fla, css, html, php, and cgi hosting on one of our servers. If anyone is interested email me at:

enash131@gmail.com (enash131@gmail.com)

08 Feb 2012, 12:41 PM
Not bad of a site desgn. I wish you luck.