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02 Aug 2007, 02:10 PM
i got these servers of an old website..the servers running linux how do i actually link it up to make it go online?

02 Aug 2007, 04:06 PM
You hook it up to the internet and then you can connect at the IP address of the connection you have or you set up the Internet Domain Name Servers (DNS) to point a domain name to the IP address where the server is located. The actual connection is usually made in a data center where you pay to co-locate your server, or on a line (T-3, T-1, ISDN, etc.) that you lease for that purpose. Your hold cable or DSL service probably isn't feasible. Most ISPs prohibit connecting servers in their Terms of Service (read yours); many block port 80 (which web servers need to operate) and besides, the connection speed is too slow for anything but light use.

You'll also need to configure the server software (probably Apache) for wherever you connect and you'll need to have a hardware or software firewall (Linux has IPtables that can be set up for this). Then you just have to keep the software up-to-date and patched, along with any scripts that you run and keep an eye on the server logs. If you run SendMail you need to watch it as well and overall be sure that the server hasn't been hacked into and hijacked to send out spam or host phishing sites, kiddie porn or other illegal material. It's important to keep on top of things because you may be held responsible for things your server does, even if you weren't aware of them.