View Full Version : Firefox won't display graphics

02 Aug 2007, 05:12 PM
I'm building a website for a friend, and on the home page, there are a bunch of graphics for the banner, nav bar, and some adverts.

If i view the page off of my computer, the images load fime in firefox. The problem begins when i try to view the internet version of the page. Firefox displays all the other graphics on the page except those three. If i switch to IE, the graphics are shown where they should be.

I've tried a test page with nothing but the images on it, changing the image format, file sizes, and locations on the server.

What am I missing here?

http://www.downpourproductions.com/rc1/ This is the page as it is right now. (I'm not done with it yet, as you can see)

Any help would be great!