View Full Version : Want someone who knows how to incorpotate a flash template into my ecommerece site??!

07 Aug 2007, 07:25 PM
Aloha ok basically i want to incorporate a flash template that i can purchase from icetemplates.com / flashmint.com to my site so my sites a flash template site, but still with ecommerce functions such as google checkout and 'products page' where i can add items for sale with desprition and photo and with link to shopping cart.

I am currently on a streamline.net hosting package with ecommerce extra and so i can just go to the 'site builder' whenever i need to add and update more products.

But i need help with how i can get the flash template as my site design but still keep all the things and ease of use that i currently have?

And so i would then be able to update and add to the product pages and ecommerce options through my current 'site builder' provided by my domain host (or a site builder you provide).
Not have to pay you or a web techinican extra every time i needed to ad products and make changes though.

My email address is Apollo925@hotmail.com

Please get back to me on whether you can do this or not??
I need it done within next 2weeks max though, and would be happy either to do it via emails+phone calls, or for you to come to me in sw london.

I would be willing to pay around 40 for this as it should probably only take 1-2hours.


29 Aug 2007, 03:25 PM
You make it sound so simple, when really it's not.

40? :laugh: